All primary equipment is from ROGUE™ a proven USA manufacturer, engineer, and distributor of fitness equipment, including weightlifting bars, plates, racks and other accessories. ROGUE™ is globally recognized for its usage at with CrossFit centers, personal gyms, military, collegiate, and professional sports teams.
Training Facilities
  • Signature Jogging Track (Stadium Grade)
  • Simulated Turf (Competition Grade)
  • Composite Flooring (Toxin Free/Hypoallergenic)
  • Indoor Training Room (Yoga/Aerobics)
  • ONLY Made-in-America ROGUE® Brand Equipment (official supplier and sponsor of Crossfit™)
  • High Capacity Locker Rooms
Development Facilities
  • Medical/Physical Therapy Room
  • Lecture Room (20pax)
  • Lecture Hall (40pax)
  • Reception Area


Support Facilities
  • Café Area
  • Kiosk Pop-Up Showcase Area
  • Fully Monitored Area with Digital Security Systems and Modern Quality Control Practices
  • Over 40 Car Parking Area

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